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I’m tired.



hidup ini sebenar-benarnya,

kita hanya perlu Tuhan!!.



Masa kecik dulu,
Kalau menangis,
Nak menangis sekuat yang boleh,
Nak semua dengar,
Nak semua org beri perhatian.

Makin kita besar,
Makin banyak kita simpan sorang sorang.
Apa boleh buat,
Itu je pilihan yang ada.

oh yeah. that’s me. seriously.


”The tears we shed together, fell like a meteor shower in the night sky
If wishes can come true, I wish to protect the one thing most dear to me… Our bond is the Future Star that will light our way.”

I think it’s been months since I last visited tumblr.

And there’s so many things that I didn’t know.

Feeling so outdated. Urrgh *I wanna puke*

So, this year I’m going to go through seriously important exam -*SPM*

If I’m still playing around, no kidding, I’m going to ‘die’!

So long my friends! Till we meet again,insyaAllah!

Wish me luck~ *though I knew,there’s no one~*

*53 days and counting*

You are important to Rin. You understand that, don’t you?
Swimming with you brings out Rin’s potential.
He needs you.
the color of the sky
the smell of the wind
the depth of the sea
the sound of your voice

I don't know. 

I just want to be happy.
That's all and it's enough.
*completely on-hiatus*